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Floundering fawn freed
12th August 2019

By Robert Ellis
A painter has saved a baby deer from drowning after jumping into a freezing canal in his underwear.
Marc Headon, from Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, was filmed swimming in the canal to help the struggling deer before his colleague, Jamie Toyne, pulled it on to the bank.
Once back on land, 27-year-old Marc was filmed reassuring the deer, trying to get the shivering animal back on its feet.
Jamie, also from Gainsborough, uploaded the footage to Facebook later that night, where it has since gone viral with more than a million views.
Many users commented on the post, praising Marc for his bravery, reported the Daily Mail.
Marc said: “It was struggling to swim and keep its head up. I didn’t really think about it, I just jumped in. The water was freezing. It was good to save a deer; it makes me feel really proud. We thought it was going to die as it was shaking and couldn’t get up onto its feet.” 
The deer was taken to a friend’s house before being collected by deer handlers.