Fishkeeping On The Go



Fishkeeping on the go
5th June 2018

By Sandra Pearce
Tetra has launched a series of monthly podcasts aimed at educating and supporting fishkeepers from all levels of experience with bitesize content they can listen to on the go. 
Featuring Tetra’s technical consultant Dave Hulse, the 12 podcasts tackle a new topic each month and are available on the consumer magazine Practical Fishkeeping’s website.
The series kicked off in February and began with how to set up a new aquarium, in which fishkeepers can learn everything from the importance of water care, how to prepare ponds for summer, understanding and treating fish disease, and the benefits of a tailored diet.
Ashleigh Foster, aquatics marketing manager at Tetra, said: “At Tetra we’re passionate about making fishkeeping as easy as possible to inspire more people to learn about the fascinating world of fish, while making sure those who are already involved have the information they need to enjoy a successful experience.”
Dave added: “Fishkeeping, like anything, is easy when you know how. In an increasingly digital world, our podcast series enables fishkeepers to receive insight on a range of topics while on the go, whether it’s during their morning commute, when they are out on a walk or pottering around the garden.”