News Fish4dogs Appoints New Wholesale Partner



Fish4Dogs appoints new wholesale partner
7th February 2019

By Karen Pickwick

Fish4Dogs has formed a new wholesale distribution partnership with Trust Pet Products in an exclusive arrangement for the UK, which focuses on providing greater opportunities for independent retailers to sell the full range of food and treats from Fish4Dogs.

Both businesses see the move as a ‘great fit’ as both invest in the development of customer relationships with independent pet shop owners. Both also benefit from being based in the Midlands – Fish4Dogs in Worcestershire and Trust Pet in neighbouring Warwickshire – which means they can work closely together and use their location in the ‘heart of England’ to ensure swift and steady supply across the UK.

Graham Smith, CEO of Fish4Dogs, said: “We are delighted to be entering into a new partnership with Trust Pet at a key time in our business growth. This is a very exiting year for us with lots of changes ahead which will put our brand in the spotlight.


“We are not a grocery brand and have no strategic intention to be one, finding a first-class distribution partner with established relationships and shared values is a major part of our decision to work with Trust Pet in the speciality pet sector.”
Andrew Clarke, general manager of Trust Pet Products, added: “We are very excited to be partnering with Fish4Dogs as its wholesale distribution partner. Trust Pet Products is a family business and always try to put the customer first, an ethos that we most definitely share with Fish4Dogs.

“We pride ourselves on knowing our customers by name, what products they have previously ordered and making them feel valued. We look forward to sharing the entire range of Fish4Dogs and Fish4Cats products with them.”


Trust Pet Products was established more than 45 years ago and has steadily established itself as a leading pet trade wholesaler supplying a vast range of pet food and accessories. It places a keen emphasis on customer service, with dedicated telesales, warehouse and distribution teams whose focus is on meeting customer requirements.

The wholesaler believes its flexible working arrangements enable independent retailers to ‘mix and match’ brands – calling off a variety of products in small quantities if required, which will extend the reach of the Fish4Dogs and Fish4Cats brands.
Fish4Dogs will be discussing the new partnership with its customers at PATS Sandown this coming Sunday and Monday (February 10-11).