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Fish swim into fashion
8th October 2018

By Sandra Pearce

Just like catwalk trends – think double denim, bell-bottoms and bum-bags – trends in pet ownership come and go. And although goldfish have been favoured by Brits for decades, Tetra is encouraging more people to delve into the underwater world by revealing our favourite childhood memories of having an aquarium.

A spokesman said: “While back in the Eighties pet owners might have opted for a traditional bowl aquarium, sporting a multi-coloured theme and even a classic novelty item, such as a castle, today’s tanks are light years ahead, with pet owners now more likely to opt for a larger, more stylish tank that can safely house fish. Even colour trends have changed over the years, with millennial pink currently a popular aquarium colour choice.”

Nevertheless, some things never change and that’s where we find the inspiration in naming our fish. From Beano to Bart, Flounder to Nemo, Elvis to Lil Kim, to Ant & Dec, the latest research from Tetra shows that owners typically look to popular culture to inspire our goldfish names.

Tetra has revealed five reasons why fishkeeping is firmly back in the limelight:

> Fish make great friends
One in four UK fish owners admit to regularly chit-chatting with their pet, while half recall their fish chasing their fingers across the aquarium glass or even touching the water, so their pet could ‘kiss’ them.

> Aquariums look beautiful
Fish tanks can become the focal point of a room and are often a point of conversation with visitors. In fact, many of the rich and famous such as the Beckhams, late fashion designer Alexander McQueen and Madonna have had fish tanks installed in their home as a luxury design statement.

> Fishkeeping is fun
Not only is choosing your fish’s name one of the highlights of pet ownership, you can also go to town decorating your fish tank, making your fish’s home as spectacular and comfortable as possible.

> It’s a learning experience for children
For children, learning to look after fish can be a magical experience that creates a lifetime of fond memories. What’s more, learning to look after a fish teaches children responsibility. When reminiscing about the joy of owning a fish, the UK ranked watching them grow and feeling proud of taking care of them as the most rewarding benefits.

> Heath benefits
Finally, there’s a bank of research to show that fish promote feelings of calm and peacefulness. Keeping fish can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure and heart rate.