Fish Move Into Mangrove Home In Hull Aquarium



Fish move into mangrove home in Hull aquarium
2nd May 2017

By Sandra Pearce

The first tropical fish have been added to a mangrove exhibit at a popular aquarium.

The Deep, in Hull, has completed a months-long project transforming its Lagoon into a mangrove habitat, which culminated with the addition of 100 tropical fish at the end of March. Fish included a variety of Tang, butterflyfish, blue spot rays, blue spotted ribbontail rays and two epaulette sharks.

Assistant curator Ben Jones said: “I am really pleased we have finally got to this stage and because most of it has been done in-house it is something I am particularly proud of.

“The coral is all man-made but it has been cast from molds from real coral. We have a machine to mimic the waves on a reef. We also completely refitted the lighting system so now we can mimic the different times of the day with sunset, sunrise and moonlight.”

The new design is based on the granite island of Pulau Ubin, between Singapore and Malaysia, and features replica mangrove trees which can act as a nursery for the fish.