Firm Tackles Blanketweed With Aerosol Spray



Firm tackles blanketweed with aerosol spray
28th April 2017

By Sandra Pearce

Prodibio has brought out a new product to tackle green water and algae in ponds.

BioPond Bacter is an all-in-one pond product that the company says can clean water and reduce green water, sludge and blanketweed.

A spokesman said: “BioPond Bacter is a special bacterial concentrate delivered in an aerosol designed for quick start-up and for maintaining ponds and pools.

“BioPond Bacter combines a range of natural bacterial strains that are free from genetic mutation. They have been selected for their effectiveness and ability to work together to combat pond pollution. It limits the development of unwanted organisms by depriving them of nutrients, due to its purifying strains multiplying faster than any pathogens. Its probiotic effect combats green water, bad smells, the formation of pond sludge and the appearance of fish diseases.”

The inert atmosphere within the aerosol enables the bacteria to be reactivated ‘more easily and speedily than dehydrated powder products’, added the spokesman.

Users simply spray a fine jet over an area of several metres as a one-second blast treats 1m³ of water.