Firm Offers Loans To Cover Vet Bills



Firm offers loans to cover vet bills
6th July 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

Pet owners in the UK are looking for alternatives for their pets’ medical care, following a steep rise in pet insurance costs.

A reported increase of nearly five per cent in the last six months are above the rate of inflation.

Advances in medical care for animals are believed to be the main cause of the increase. Although 50% of the British public own pets, 75% don’t have insurance, with many citing expense as a reason for not having cover.

Now, CarefreeCredit says it has created an interest-free loan solution as an alternative for those in need of a loan to provide treatment for their pets.

Applying requires a short online application and an answer is given instantly. When the loan is approved, the vet is paid immediately so the treatment can begin straight away. The company also provides finance for horse owners and farm animals.