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Fang-cy that!
11th September 2019

By Robert Ellis
An 86-year-old man was bitten by a bat that somehow got wedged between the back of his iPad and its case.
Roy Syvertson, from New Hampshire, in the US, said he had been using the tablet for about an hour before the creature popped its head out and nipped him.
“I looked and the bat was coming out…between the cover and the back of the pad.
“And then I got up, still squeezing it, which I’m sure he wasn’t happy about, and I took him outside.”
When the bat died the next night, Roy had himself tested for rabies at the hospital as a precaution – and, although doctors told him he would be fine, it turned out that the bat was indeed rabid.
As for how the flying mammal  got wedged in the iPad, Roy said: “It will remain a mystery and my joke of, ‘He probably knew my password’ won’t last forever.”
All mammals can carry rabies, but it is most common in dogs, bats, raccoons and foxes, reports Sky News.