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Fancy a career change?
24th May 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

Julia Robertson, founder of Galen myotherapy, has a suggestion for people considering a career chage: dog therapy. This is a relatively new field but, according to Julia, a worthy and rewarding one.

The process for this therapy is a hands-on-muscle treatment used to treat dogs with arthritis and underlying pain.

Diploma courses are available not only for pet owners, vets and canine professionals but for all ages and backgrounds.

Julia said: “When I set up my therapy centre my aim was to help as many dogs as possible suffering in silence through arthritis, musculoskeletal pain and underlying conditions. I am extremely proud of all the myotherapists I have trained and work alongside. Through them, Galen myotherapy is able to reach and support dogs from across the UK and beyond. They have all been through the diploma and are now working for themselves.

“Working with dogs every day is totally rewarding – nothing says thank you more than a dog clearly enjoying their life more – and knowing that you are helping them makes the job completely satisfying. This diploma is an ideal step for people keen to work with dog’s in one of the most rewarding ways possible.”