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Fan’s pet gets the star treatment
18th October 2021

By Karen Pickwick

Many people daydream about what they might do if they run into a favourite celebrity.

Some might ask for an autograph or a selfie – and some might ask for a video message for their dog!

That’s exactly what Lesley Kelly did when she bumped into Lewis Capaldi, Glasgowlive reports.

The 30-year-old approached Grammy award-nominated Lewis for a picture and asked if he’d be so kind as to record a message for her Beagle, Sam.

Lewis obliged and speaking to the camera, said: “Hello, Sam the Beagle, who can’t understand a f****** word of English, it’s Lewis Capaldi here, as if that means anything to you – a dog.

“I’m here with your mother and I’ve got a dog named Frank that would love to meet you one day and maybe Sam – we’ll see what happens but we’ll kick on. It’s lovely to speak to you Sam the dog and I’ll see you later. Going for a walk now.”