Family Shell Shocked By Tiny Terror


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Family shell-shocked by tiny terror
27th January 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A pet is disrupting family life with his temper.

John French acquired a tortoise for his children but when anybody tries to approach Timmy, he becomes enraged, biting shoes and garden furniture. John took in ‘crazy’ tortoise Timmy a year ago when he spotted him banging against a glass vivarium in a children’s nursery where he was working. Timmy has become so violent that the family has had to boycott children’s parties for fear that the tortoise would attack and injure their young guests, reported the Metro.

John, from Penrith, Cumbria, said: “He is very territorial. Anything that is in the garden that isn’t grass gets attacked. He is crazy. I would get him a girlfriend but I think he might kill her.
“He is very fast. That’s one of the things I first noticed about him.”

John’s wife, Steph, continued: “I initially thought he (Timmy) was just staying with us for the summer holidays. When John told me that he was actually living with us on a permanent basis I was not happy at all.”

John has had to build Timmy a large pen with a greenhouse to stop him attacking the family and visitors, and since then has taken Timmy into the garage to hibernate in a box until March next year.