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Family adopts a very big baby
28th November 2018

By Robert Ellis

A family has adopted Britain’s biggest puppy, a great Dane that is more than 6ft tall and weighs 43kg (95lb) – and still growing!

According to the Metro, five-month-old Arnie was the biggest pup the team at Dogs Trust in Glasgow had ever cared for. Now a family has fallen in love with the giant pup and decided to adopt him.

Julie Reid said: “We didn’t have a specific breed in mind when looking for a pet but Arnie is the perfect companion. When we went in to have a look at him, it was just love at first sight.”

Julie and her family – who were unfazed by Arnie’s size – have four other dogs.

Arnie eats a kilo-and-a-half of raw meat every day, along with fish, eggs and vegetables. Luckily, his new owners have an acre of land for him to exercise and burn off his food.