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Eye, eye!
13th September 2021

By Karen Pickwick

This month sees the return of TVM UK’s Pet Eye Health Awareness Week (September 20-26), which is dedicated to helping pet owners identify common symptoms of eye disease.

Through a social media campaign and a dedicated webpage – – TVM aims to provide information and education to pet owners to help raise awareness of eye problems found in pets.

The campaign also encourages veterinary practices to support the initiative and is providing vets with free waiting room displays and social media packs to engage with pet owners and show them what to look out for.

Will Peel, product manager at TVM UK, said; “Eye problems in pets can sometimes be hard to pick up as they can’t always tell owners when something is wrong. Pet Eye Health Awareness Week is intended to raise awareness of common symptoms of poor eye heath so that pet owners can identify eye problems early and seek veterinary advice quickly.”