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Ewe tree
10th April 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

RSPCA animal collection officer Kim Sheriff was called to a field in Hawkshaw, Greater Manchester, after two girls found a stricken sheep in a bit of a tight spot – with its head stuck in a tree!

“I have never quite seen anything like it,” Kim said. “I must admit I was left scratching my head wondering why on earth this ewe put her head inside the tree trunk in the first place.

“She was really distressed and was trying desperately to free herself. Goodness knows how long she’d been trapped like that.

“ Thankfully I was able to calm her down and manoeuvre her so I could gently free her from the tree.

“She wasn’t injured and, unsurprisingly, seemed to be feeling a little sheepish so ran off back to join her flock. This girl had definitely been baaaaa-king up the wrong tree.”