News Evolution Aqua To Distribute Kessil Horticulture Lights



Evolution Aqua to distribute Kessil Horticulture lights
10th September 2018

By Sandra Pearce

Aquatics company Evolution Aqua has now added the Horticulture product line to its Kessil portfolio.

After four years distributing Kessil’s aquatic lights (the H80, A160, A360 and AP700), the range will now be expanded to include the H380 grow light and later this year, the brand new H160.

“Taking on Kessil’s grow lights makes perfect sense,” said Evolution Aqua’s marketing manager Jeremy Gay. “We already cater for aquatic plants and corals with Kessil’s other models, and have received many enquiries over the years about supply of the grow light range.

“The H380 is perfect for terrestrial plants including everything from house plants and living walls to commercial horticulture, but at the same time has a cult following with marine enthusiasts as the best light for growing desirable macro algae in sumps.

“Now grow light fans can benefit from UK held stock with UK plugs, and fast, reliable service, and more people will be able to join and benefit from the Spectral Revolution.”

Every H380 fixture (RRP £399.95) contains two full-spectrum blends with UV light, and each spectrum caters specifically to a phase of plant growth, like vegetative growth, or bloom. The Spectral Halo II is nearly 30% more powerful than previous lights, allowing full potential growth with Kessil’s most powerful light yet.

Dense Matrix LED technology produces a concentrated single point light source with enough power to penetrate past the canopy and deliver light to the entire plant. Every wavelength within the spectrum is mixed perfectly to ensure even growth throughout.