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Engine purrs for 30 miles
3rd December 2020

By Karen Pickwick

A seven-week-old kitten has been rescued from under the bonnet of a car that had just been driven 30 miles.

Luckily, the young cat did not suffer any burns or injuries and has now been offered a home by the motorist who found him.

Rosalind O’Brien, from Cheshire, drove the journey from her home in Winsford to her mum’s house in Neston and when she arrived heard a loud meow coming from inside the vehicle.

She said: “We tried for ages to get him out but I could only hear him, I couldn’t see him.”

Rosalind contacted the RSPCA and Inspector Caren Goodman-James arrived to help rescue the trapped kitten.

Caren said: “It wasn’t an easy rescue. It was quite tricky getting the kitten out. I had to lie on the ground getting quite wet and dirty as I moved engine parts around until we could free him. Then I took him to RSPCA Stapeley Grange Cattery to be cleaned up and cared for. Once he is old enough, he will be rehomed.

Rosalind, who has now offered to rehome the kitten, added: “I think fate wanted me to have him – or at least he did.”  She has named him Yaris, after her Toyota Yaris!