News Eheim Presents Awards To Business Partners



EHEIM presents awards to business partners
16th August 2018

By Sandra Pearce
German aquatics firm EHEIM has presented the EHEIM Award to selected customers at Interzoo in recognition of their special relationship. 
A spokesman said: “A good relationship with their global trading partners is one of EHEIM’s most important criteria. These relationships are regularly maintained at a customer evening as part of Interzoo, where EHEIM present special Awards in recognition of this cooperation.
“This year, selected business partners from all over the world were invited to EHEIM’s customer evening in Nuremberg where an excellent buffet and a lively exchange of ideas brought everyone closer together. 
Managing director Ibrahim Mefire Kouotou explained various entrepreneurial concerns and thanked their business partners for their cooperation, commitment and trust. He particularly emphasized the achievements of individual customers, presenting the EHEIM Award to nine customers in various categories.”