News Eheim Invents Smart Feeding



EHEIM invents ‘smart feeding’
15th November 2021

By Justine Thompson

Aquarium enthusiasts can now care for their fish remotely via a smart phone, tablet or PC.

Following the digital lighting control, LEDcontrol+, and the intelligent external filter (professionel 5e), EHEIM has also launched a smart automatic feeder.

The EHEIM autofeeder+ has an integrated WLAN function (Wi-Fi) and can be programmed and monitored via a smart device.

Feeding times and the amount of food released can be individually defined and fishkeepers can even schedule a random fasting day per week.

In addition, the Smart Control offers some monitoring. For example, you can check the current filling level of the feed drum at any time and even get a prediction of the range of the remaining feed quantity. If the quantity falls below 30%, an e-mail is sent.

Fishkeepers can also ‘smart link’ with the other devices in the EHEIM WiFi family. For example, the speed of the professionel 5e can be reduced or increased for a few minutes during feeding. And when the filter is not running – during water changes or maintenance work – the feeder can be programmed so that it stops automatically.

No app needs to be installed to use the smart functions of the new EHEIM autofeeder+ and it can integrate into a home WLAN network, allowing various EHEIM Wi-Fi devices to synchronise and work together in different tanks, in different groups and rooms!