Eheim Embraces Smart Aquarium Technology



EHEIM embraces smart aquarium technology
26th June 2018

By Sandra Pearce
EHEIM launched a range of new products at Germany’s Interzoo, many of them embracing smart aquarium technology.
A spokesman said: “At this year's Interzoo, EHEIM once again underlines its leading global position as the inventor and manufacturer of high-quality aquatic products and as a pioneer in future oriented technologies.
“In addition to a wide range of proven and optimised products and offers, the company presented many innovations on an area of around 460sq m. The main focus was on EHEIM’s core competence: technical aquatics. In the meantime, digitalisation has opened up new possibilities.”
Among its launches was a wireless electronic lighting control system, the EHEIM LEDcontrol+, which can set light intensity and lighting scenes as in nature. The controller is operated via smartphone, tablet or PC without an app.
Also on show was the EHEIM streamcontrol, an electronic control system for circulation and flow pumps to simulate natural water flows in aquariums, and the electronic EHEIM thermocontrol aquarium heater.
The German manufacturer also revealed three new aquariums – the freshwater EHEIM incpiria, EHEIM incpiria marine and EHEIM incpiria reef, available in four sizes from 230 to 530 litres and with a new depth of 60cm. Their cabinets with high-gloss surface (alpine, graphite) or wooden front has features a no-handle door design, emphasising its minimalist lines. 
The company also showed new innovation in its shopDesign service for retailers, offering ‘innovative concepts for the pet trade in high quality, attractive design and safe construction’. 
A spokesman said: “For the first time, the newly developed plant centre is presented, which allows the customer self-service (self-removal of the plant pots) when purchasing plants due to the emerse plant presentation.”