News Eheim Dials Up Innovation Award



EHEIM dials up innovation award
1st March 2022

By David Rees

EHEIM has been named as the Most Innovative Company in Germany for its application of digital technology to the aquatics industry.

The Award was presented at The Grow’s annual convention in Munich on December 8 last year. In the innovation category, EHEIM was voted the winner ahead of eCommerce platform Westwing and audio equipment manufacturer Bose.

EHEIM supplies aquariums, technology and filter systems for aquariums and garden ponds as well as fish food and care products, plus shopfitting equipment for specialist pet shops.

The company is developing an expanding portfolio of products with digital controls, including aquarium filters, lighting and heating elements and automatic feeders. The range includes several Wi-Fi-capable products that can be configured and monitored wirelessly via smartphone, tablet, or PC.


EHEIM managing director Ibrahim Mefire Kouotou said: “Aquatics offers a lot of potential for digital technology. What many people don't know is that fish are the third most popular pet in the world, and an aquarium needs a pump, filter, light, heater, automatic feeder, fertiliser, and water treatment. With our technology, you will be able to change settings on the go and have lamps that mimic the hours of sunshine in tropical fish territories, filters that signal when they are too dirty, and food dispensers that indicate when they need to be refilled.”

The Grow is an entrepreneurial club that connects medium-sized companies and start-ups in the German-speaking regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The organisation aims to make its members stronger for future challenges through cooperation, and to further advance Europe as a location for innovation. Members include leading personalities from politics, business, and science.
A statement from the organisation said: “EHEIM has proven that digitalisation does not stop at pet supplies and aquatics.”