News Dorwest Broadens Appeal Of Best Seller



Dorwest broadens appeal of best-seller
29th March 2021

By Justine Thompson

Leading UK provider of canine and feline herbal treatments Dorwest has launched Keeper’s Mix Sensitive, providing a whole new target market for this already popular product.

The mix, ‘an even gentler version’ of Dorwest’s best-selling dietary supplement, is ideal for young animals and those with specific sensitivities, the West country company says.

Dorwest MD Jo Boughton-White said: “New Keeper’s Mix Sensitive has been developed to provide all the whole-body benefits of the original product, but with an even more gentle formula. So, whether it’s a proneness to digestive upsets, having to be careful because of certain medical conditions or just because they are still young, now no cat or dog has to miss out on the benefits of this super supplement! With a milder flavour, too, even sensitive palates are catered for.

“Our unique Keeper’s Mix product is one of our most popular, but we wanted to develop this concept further, with a new formulation that suits even the most sensitive of pets and especially targeted to the specific needs of puppies and kittens.”

The blend of herbs is balanced to be gentle on the gut and other organs but still provide a powerful hit of natural antioxidants (to neutralise free radicals), vitamins, minerals, and other bioactive compounds.

“The benefits are clear to see, with a wonderfully thick and healthy coat, good pigmentation, and improved overall health,” said Jo.

Keeper’s Mix Sensitive includes five herbs from the original product and two new ones – German camomile and marshmallow root – specifically chosen for their calming properties.

“We’re really happy to have opened up the market further for Keeper’s Mix and can now bring the all-round health benefits of the product to even more dogs and cats,” Jo continued.

Available in 250g, 500g & 1kg sizes, the RRP starts at £13.90.