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Dogs and Cats Love PATS
10th July 2019

By Robert Ellis

Two Austrian food brands are to make their debut in the UK market at PATS Telford.

Dog’s Love and Cat’s Love are among the leading brands in Austria’s premium food sector.

Katharina Walleczek founded Dog’s Love in 2014 with partners Stefan Miklauz and Manu Breidenbach to provide premium dog food of human food grade quality.

On offer is a range for adult dogs offering six varieties of ingredients – meat, seaweed, oils, fruit, carbohydrates, eggshell powder, and vegetables and herbs  – plus a specially-adapted range for younger, growing dogs.

Cat’s Love was subsequently founded in 2017. It provides adult cat recipes, made with 71% meat and fish, such as chicken, turkey, beef and salmon, and other ranges for young cats and those over the age of 10.

Dog’s Love and Cat’s Love have already expanded into Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain.

PATS Telford takes place at the Telford International Centre from September 22-23.