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Dog whistle firm on TV
8th April 2021

By Karen Pickwick

A new episode of ‘Made in Britain’ went behind the scenes at ACME Whistles to see how the Birmingham firm has been making whistles for the past 150 years.

The programme – which aired for the first time last Thursday on ITV4 and can be viewed on iPlayer – features ACME managing director, Simon Topman, who takes viewers through the process of making a whistle as well as giving an insight into the history of the family-run business.
Simon said: “It’s a privilege to be recognised as one of the UK’s iconic brands. Since the invention of the first police whistle by our founder, Joseph Hudson, we have made whistles for the world’s top dog trainers, referees, police, military – and even the whistle that sounded the collision on the Titanic.

“It was a pleasure to open our doors to create this programme for ITV to show the care and attention that goes into every whistle we make.”