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Dog treatment is to the point
10th September 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A depressed dog suffering with stiff joints and back pain has benefited from alternative treatment.

Alfie, the Labradoodle, used to have trouble walking before he started acupuncture treatment at The Firs Veterinary Surgery in Kelsall, Cheshire. Vet Fiona Wall carries out the ancient Chinese therapy at the practice, and inserted needles into six-year-old Alfie’s back to relieve pain through stimulating natural pain relief chemicals produced by the body.

And the results have been ‘amazing’ according to Alfie’s owner, Sue Thomas, who says he is now a ‘different dog’.

Vet Fiona Wall of The Firs Veterinary Surgery is pictured left with Alfie’s owner Sue Thomas and Alfie. Canine acupuncture has made Alfie a much happier dog