News Dog Rocks Brings Out New Product Displays



Dog Rocks brings out new product displays
5th February 2019

By Robert Ellis

Dog Rocks has unveiled newly-redesigned shelf and counter displays, intended to increase consumer engagement.

They are available in two options, one holding up to 12 200g bags of Dog Rocks, the other holding four 600g bags.

North American sales director Kim Goldsworthy said: “We are confident that our displays will be a great asset to our retail partners. Each display features direct-to-consumer sales materials on the displays themselves, as well as informative brochures to help detail customers at times when store employees may not be available.”

Dog Rocks are natural rocks found in Australia. Distributor Podium Pet Products says that, once placed in a dog’s water bowl, they filter impurities from canine urine and so help prevent burn marks on the lawn.