News Dog Owners Should Switch Off On Walks



Dog owners should ‘switch off’ on walks
25th June 2019

By Robert Ellis

Nearly two-thirds of dog owners regularly use their phone while out on walks with their pets, according to a new study.

The research, commissioned by food brand Forthglade as part of its Great Dog Walk Challenge, surveyed 1,500 dog owners across the UK.

Of the 63% that used their phone when out with their dog, 50% used it to send texts, 40% to chat to friends, 27% to check work emails, 26% to post on social media, 14% to shop online and 7% to monitor online dating apps.

Forthglade worked with clinical psychologist Linda Blair and certified animal behaviourist Caroline Wilkinson, co-founders of webinar series Mindful Living and Our Dogs, who say walks should be an opportunity to unwind, switch off and engage with pets. 

Linda said: “When we text or email we’re exchanging information but we’re not connecting emotionally. Try leaving your phone at home and look around as you walk. Be curious, appreciate your surroundings, and greet other dog walkers.”