News Dog Nearly Dies After Eating Ecstasy Tablets



Dog nearly dies after eating Ecstasy tablets
2nd November 2015

By Karen Pickwick

PDSA vets are warning pet owners to be vigilant after a whippet nearly died after eating Ecstasy tablets while walking with his elderly owner.

Blue, from Bradford, in West Yorkshire, sniffed something out on his walk and gobbled up the contents. His owner rushed over to investigate and was horrified to discover he was eating small, blue, heart-shaped tablets from a plastic bag.

Worried that another dog or even a child may come across them, the owner took Blue and the tablets home.

Before long, the dog became unsteady on his feet and started foaming at the mouth. PDSA was called immediately for advice and Blue was taken to the charity’s Pet Hospital in Bradford.

PDSA head nurse Miriam Wilson explained: “When Blue arrived, his condition was critical. He’d collapsed and the toxins were causing organ failure. He was admitted and life-saving treatment was started straight away. He was put on an IV drip and received activated charcoal to absorb the toxins. Without the treatment, he would not have survived the night.”

The PDSA vet team monitored Blue overnight, and thankfully, he went on to make a full recovery and is now back to his lively self.

The incident was reported to the police, who collected the drugs and disposed of them safely.