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Dog food brand on a mission
9th January 2019

By Karen Pickwick

Premium dog food brand GooodUK has launched #DoGoood to emphasise its commitment to ‘doing good’ for people and the planet.

The introduction of the #DoGoood area of the brand aims to increase GooodUK’s social, environmental and community focus, while offering up advice to help get the canine community involved in its mission.

#DoGoood will feature a host of events including organised beach cleans, giving to the homeless, park clean-ups with loneliness charities and pop-up puppy parlours at universities to help students. It will also include regular blogs and videos showcasing how fellow dog-lovers can give back to their local communities, with individual tips and tricks to lower their environmental pawprints.


GooodUK is committed to giving back and already undertakes a number of initiatives to ensure its bringing positive changes to people and the planet. From planting 4,641 trees from its latest marketing campaign on Instagram, to donating to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, it is hoping this new area of the brand will help spread its eco-friendly message far and wide. 

Director of GooodUK Hugo Griffiths said: “We’re hugely excited to launch our new #DoGoood initiative and we can’t wait to get local communities involved in giving back. As a sustainable dog food brand we feel we have a responsibility to get fellow dog-lovers living more sustainably, and through this initiative, we hope to do exactly that.

“Our whole ethos is built on bettering the planet for people and pets. From using organic meat and MSC-certified fisheries to using a world first materially recyclable packaging, GooodUK isn't just any old dog food brand.”