News Dog Boarders Form New Organisation



Dog boarders form new organisation
24th January 2019

By Sandra Pearce

A new not-for-profit, industry-specific organisation has been formed, giving a voice to providers of dog boarding and dog day care services.

The Association of Dog Boarders has been established to represent these providers in light of The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities) Legislation 2018, in which a large number of previously licensed home boarders faced ‘significantly reduced incomes or complete closure’.

A spokeswoman said: “A petition was started in September 2018 by one of the founders of this association, asking to have the guidance reviewed.

“What followed was a nationwide campaign from the industry that involved lobbying MPs, writing to stakeholders and the steering committee members who were involved in designing the guidance, and contacting local media in order to raise the profile of the issues being faced. The campaign was, and is still known as Barking Mad Regulations #BarkingMadRegulations.

“In October, the campaign team were invited to a meeting with the Companion Animal Welfare Team at DEFRA to discuss changes that were needed. It became clear from the meeting that being involved in legislative reform at the earliest stage in the future was the only way to prevent issues such as these from happening again.

“The home boarders needed an association, a representative body to assure them a voice in any future discussions. From this realisation, the Association of Dog Boarders was established.”

Chairman Marie Worthington, who is also behind the petition, said: “I would like to grow and build the association into a recognised name for our industry. I’d like us to negotiate sensible and workable laws for those of us working in our industry. I’d very much like to bring in new businesses starting out to support and mentor them.”

Membership costs £45 a year. More info at