News Divers Take Brunch With The Fishes



Divers take brunch with the fishes
10th December 2020

By Justine Thompson

It’s not often you get to share Sunday brunch with sharks and a turtle but that’s exactly what two divers did in an effort to raise money for cancer research.

Shane Breadmore and Leo Coucher are more used to cleaning the sides of the tank at Sea Life Great Yarmouth but they took a break from their duties to enjoy a spot of ‘brunch with the fishes’.

Their fund-raising efforts involved a 20-minute break at the bottom of the 250,000-litre tropical ocean display, surrounded by black tip sharks, conger eels and Noah, an inquisitive Green Sea Turtle.

Shane, who has been working as a diver at Sea Life Great Yarmouth for the past five years, said: “I just hope we can get other people involved by inspiring them to hold their own fundraising Sunday brunch event in aid of Stand Up To Cancer. It certainly is the most unusual place I have ever sat down for a bit of brunch!”