News Despressed Grouper Wins Fans Around The World



Despressed grouper wins fans around the world
22nd June 2020

By Justine Thompson

A lonely grouper fish has received worldwide attention after news of his depression hit the headlines.

The fish at the Cairns Aquarium, in Queensland, Australia, would regularly observe people peering into his tank before the coronavirus pandemic put a stop to visitors. But he was one of a number of fish that became withdrawn and stopped eating once visitors diminished, said aquarium chief executive Daniel Leipnik. Other fish to suffer included leopard sharks and stingrays.

Now the aquarium has had to take on an extra diver to go into the tanks and interact with the fish.
“We’ve got these leopard sharks, and they almost like being held or cuddled like puppy dogs. ” said Daniel.

But Chang, the grouper fish, was harder to cheer up. Marine biologist and aquarium curator Paul Barnes told the Australian Associated Press: “Chang is a very inquisitive fish with quite a strong personality, and he does love to stare at people.

His mood has improved more recently, however, after receiving self-portraits from school children, which have been taped to the side of his tank. He also receives emails from across the world, enquiring after his welfare.