News Defra Seizes Medicines From Retailer



Defra seizes medicines from retailer
9th June 2020

By Justine Thompson

Officials from Defra have seized a number of products to treat fish and aquariums from a retail premises, following the conclusion of an investigation.

The products were seized from undisclosed retail premises, with the co-operation of the owner.

Defra investigators had been conducting a wider investigation into the manufacturing and supply of the products.

The products seized were:
3 x 500ml bottles of Formalachite manufactured by TAP
6 x 250ml bottles of Formalachite
3 x 500ml bottles of Malachite
6 x 250ml bottles of Malachite
40 x 125ml bottles WSP Fast acting whitespot solution
22 x 250ml bottles WSP Fast acting whitespot solution
22 x 125ml bottles BSB Bacterial Finrot Treatment
32 x 125ml bottles FC+ Fast Acting Fungus treatment
22 x 125ml bottles DDT Parasitic Dip Treatment.

They are all fish medicines for aquarium and pond fish (non-food producing).

The allegations in this case concerned breaches of  the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2013 that relate to the manufacturing and placing on the market of veterinary medicinal products intended solely for small pets (in this case aquarium animals).