Debate Will Tackle Welfare Issues



Debate will tackle welfare issues
19th May 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

‘Is modern life incompatible with pet ownership?’ will be one of the key debates between leading vets and animal welfare organisations and charities at the annual Animal Welfare Foundation discussion forum in London next month.

The panel of experts will explore how the increase in pets in urban homes is impacting welfare, including the issue of separation anxiety. The discussion will begin with an introduction from RSPCA chief veterinary officer James Yeates, who will examine pets’ roles in our busy lives.
Chris Laurence, of AWF, said: “We are committed to finding practical solutions to the welfare problems of all animals. Education and discussion are key to our work and we invite all those interested in improving animal welfare to join the debate this year. With its emphasis on audience participation I’m sure that delegates will leave this unique event inspired to do what they can to bring about positive change.”
Gudrun Ravetz, president of the British Veterinary Association, said: “Year on year, this is an exceptional conference that examines important issues at the forefront of animal welfare. Modern pet ownership feels particularly important, as more vets are seeing pets that have been bought due to the latest celebrity trend – with a greater emphasis being placed on how the animal looks, rather than the breed’s health.”