Day Of The Dragon


Weird and Wonderful

Day of the dragon
3rd November 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

A pet thought to be dead clawed its way out of a grave five weeks after it was buried.

Rachel Haspell was upset when she found her bearded dragon, Nala, slumped over her water bowl, not breathing and apparently lifeless.

Rachel attempted CPR on the dragon before taking her to the vets, who said she had died, reported the

The owner buried her pet in the garden but five weeks later, like a scene from a horror film, the bearded dragon reappeared, very much alive, on Rachel’s lawn in Cheshire. Nala had been in a state of hibernation after her heart rate had dropped to one beat a minute.

Rachel called the vets, who didn't believe her but agreed to see Nala.
She said: “The vets were just as shocked as we had been, they checked her over and confirmed she was alive.”
To which Rachel said: “Well, of course she is!”