News Danish Design Has The Bottle To Tackle Plastic



Danish Design has the bottle to tackle plastic
5th August 2019

By Karen Pickwick

Danish Design Pet Products will be switching to a 100% recycled fibre filling for its beds from September 1.

“Billions of plastic bottles are thrown away every year with only a small percentage (around 9%) being recycled, causing huge concern across the world as to the environmental harm,” said director of sales & operations Rob Newsome.

“This huge amount of plastic waste is filling up landfill sites at an alarming rate and bottles can take 450 years to decompose. There are concerns that by mid-century, the oceans could contain more plastic waste than fish!”

Danish Design is moving to using a 100% recycled PET bottle flake to produce its pet bedding fibre fill.

PET flake is produced by shredding plastic bottles, which are then cleansed and heated to produce a liquid that is forced through a sieve to produce a thread that forms a fibre once cooled.

Danish Design can process the fibre through its carding machine at its factory in Leeds to produce a ‘luxurious super soft thermal filling’ for its pet bedding.

“By switching to PET recycled fibre we can ensure that around eight million plastic bottles a year are stopped from reaching landfill, our natural environment and the oceans,” said Rob.