News Dams Could Wipe Out A Tenth Of Species



Dams could wipe out a tenth of species
25th September 2018

By Sandra Pearce

New research shows up a tenth of Europe’s river fish could be pushed to extinction by the spate of hydropower dam projects in Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Professor Steven Weiss, of the University of Graz, said: “It is the largest systematic construction plan with negative environmental impacts that I know of since World War Two.”

The report says planned dams threaten 49 of Europe’s 531 freshwater fish species with the loss of 50 to 100% of their Balkan distribution, with 11 Balkan endemic species at particular risk. No less than 2,800 dams are either built or planned in the region, mostly in Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro, reports the Balkan Insight.

Some of the most threatened fish include the Russian, Adriatic and stellate sturgeons and the beluga, the endangered softmouth trout in the Balkan Peninsula, along with marbled trout, and the Neretva spined loach.