Csj Foiled



CSJ foiled!
16th April 2018

By Karen Pickwick
CSJ has brought out Gravy Works! in an ‘environmentally-friendly’ resealable foil pouch.
With its combination of powdered fruit (including tomato), herbs (including mint) and meat, Gravy Works! is simply mixed with warm water to make a thick gravy.
This move to a resealable pouch brings Gravy Works! in line with the rest of CSJ’s herb range packaging. 
“Foil pouch packaging has a significantly better environment impact score over commonly used tubs,” a spokesman said. “That's because the development process uses significantly less energy in manufacture, assembly, and distribution stages. Plus the pouches are made with a proportion of recycled material.  
“In line with our ethos of natural ingredients in our food, herbs and treats for cats and dogs we aim to ensure that our packaging is also as environmentally-friendly as possible whilst keeping our products pristine, fresh and tasty.”