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Cows about that, then!
14th October 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

A Highland bullock rejected by his herd has grown up thinking he’s a dog.

US cattle owners Adam and Emily Hopson raised the calf, James. He was found in the woods after they introduced Highland cattle to the farm in Asheville, North Carolina. When they found him, he was an incredibly large baby and it was believed he was brain damaged at birth from being oxygen deprived, known as ‘dummy calf syndrome’, reported the Metro.

“James wouldn’t feed from his mother, so we brought him inside,” said Emily.

Emily added: “He tried to play with the dogs but he was getting so large that his head-butting, which was cute as a baby, was getting too rough for them.”

Though James actually lived inside the house for only two weeks, Adam and Emily decided to build him a fenced area in their backyard to keep him close by.

To make sure he doesn’t get lonely, the couple have re-homed several other orphaned cows to keep him company.