News Couples Put Pets Before Children



Couples put pets before children
3rd December 2018

By Karen Pickwick

Owning a pet has made the top five list of priorities in a ‘bucket list’ survey of things couples want to do before having children.

Nearly a third of adults surveyed by claimed they wanted to buy a pet before having children and 95% of these said that caring for a pet was great practice for looking after a child.
Mark Kelly, marketing manager at, said: “Times are changing and the age at which couples choose to have their first child appears to be on the rise. We know that finances are generally much tighter for the younger generation so it’s no surprise that many young couples may want to wait until they’re in a more stable position before having children of their own.”
Top five things Brits want to do before having children:
1    Buy a house (67%)
2    Travel more (63%)
3    Land the dream job (53%)
4    Get married (41%)
5    Get a pet (29%).