News Council Dog Fouling Poster Causes A Stink



Council dog fouling poster causes a stink
24th March 2021

By Karen Pickwick

A vet has criticised the wording of a council poster warning dog owners to pick up after their pets.

The ‘Clean up after your shih zu’ message was described as being discriminatory against the breed’s owners.

In a report in the Oldham Times, vet Ian McConnell said: “This is a stupid thing to put out. It should be ‘deed, and not breed’. It is not the dog type, it is the slovenly owner type which needs to be targeted.”

The Oldham Council posted the warning of £1,000 fines for offending owners on social media, stating: “We’re seeing more dog dirt across the borough – it’s unsightly and a health hazard. Most owners clean up after their pets but sadly a small minority don’t. If you’re not prepared to pick up your dog’s poo, should you really have one.”