Cool For Cats And Dogs



Cool for cats…and dogs
10th July 2017

By Karen Pickwick

Global pet business PetSafe Brand has embarked on a summer campaign to keep pet hydration ‘front of mind’ for pet owners.

Building on previous years’ hydration initiatives, the brand is underlining to consumers the importance of keeping animals watered in the summer months.
Across its social media platforms, PetSafe Brand is sharing hydration tips via a series of memes and infographics as well as running fountain giveaways. Its Facebook page will feature a weekly weather report advising people of hot conditions and how to keep their pets healthy.
Tips include soaking pets’ coats in cool water and adding flavour and water to their food. The brand is also encouraging pet owners to invest in water fountains as the continuous, fresh supply of running water provides a more natural way for pets to drink.
The campaign will be promoting the Drinkwell Pet Fountains range offered by PetSafe Brand, which provide a clean supply of fresh water. The highlight of the campaign will be the Drinkwell Sedona Pet Fountain, which provides up to three litres of fresh filtered water and is ‘whisper-quiet’, making it suitable for nervous pets. The brand will also be promoting the Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Pet Fountain, which provides two litres of water and has an elevated dish, ideal for elderly or arthritic pets.
Angela Critchley, international marketing manager, said: “We’re committed to increasing awareness of pet hydration needs during the warmer months and this year’s initiative builds on previous years’ successful campaigns. Pets need more water than many pet owners might think; while we’re made up of around 55% water, it constitutes 80% of a pet’s body, making fluid replenishment even more essential to their overall health.”