News Conservationist Hopes To Rewild Aquarium Fish



Conservationist hopes to ‘rewild’ aquarium fish
21st September 2021

By Justine Thompson

An animal conservationist who is ‘rewilding’ zoo animals has now set his sight on aquaria.

What’s more Damian Aspinall has recently hired the Prime Minister’s wife, Carrie Johnson, to help him.

Mr Aspinall, of animal conservation charity the Aspinall Foundation, has just secured permission to send his own herd of 13 elephants back to Kenya.

The Foundation’s next cause is set to be freeing fish from tanks and aquariums, as Damian told The Sunday Telegraph: ‘I think aquariums are really wrong.
“We do enough damage to marine life that why would we keep these beautiful animals in aquaria?  A lot of the fish are wild-caught too. If I had my way I’d rewild the fish.”

Carrie Johnson is a former advisor to oceans charity Oceana and a well-known nature lover. The paper reported that she agrees fish ‘have less space to roam’ in tanks and should be in open seas.

The Foundation owns two award-winning wild animals parks, but says: “We are more dedicated than ever to returning as many captive-bred animals as possible to protected wilderness areas and reserves located throughout the world.”