News Company Of Animals Rebrands Coachies



Company of Animals rebrands Coachies
23rd March 2020

By Karen Pickwick

Company of Animals is set to bring its rebranded Coachies Training Rewards to the market.

The new designs feature enhanced communications on the benefits of positive reinforcement training, a core principle of the company.

Victoria Lowe, product manager for Coachies, wanted the brand to remain ‘front-of-mind’ for training needs in an increasingly saturated treat market.

“We wanted to reinforce the training origin of the brand’s creation. We revised the product positioning from ‘Training Treats’ to ‘Training Rewards’ to further strengthen this message. Our insights have prompted us to amend  the Naturals product name to Sensitive to reflect its gluten-free formula – perfect for sensitive tummies!”


Victoria found that, in the treat and training sections of many retailers, Coachies’ training heritage helped the brand to stand out from the crowd. 

“Specifically developed for kind and effective reward-based schooling, Coachies are used in Dr Roger Mugford and team’s training and behavioural sessions and provide a positive learning experience for dogs and their families,” she said.

“These successful products have been popular with independent speciality stores and pet retailers for 30 years. The formulations continue to be light on calories (two calories per treat), packed with goodness for teeth, bones and joints and lovingly formulated with delicious natural flavourings.”

RRPs are from £1.49 (75g) and £2.99 (200g) for Adult and Puppy, and £1.75 and £3.49 for Sensitive.