Collie Convention


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Collie convention
3rd December 2017

By Lloyd Lugsden

A large gathering of Border collies, 576 to be precise, gathered at a sports ground to break a world record.

The Border Collie Owners of South Australia organised the event at the Willaston Oval in an attempt to beat a 2013 attempt by Dr Katrina Warren, which had 534 border collies in one area, reported the Metro.

The latest gathering broke the record – by 42 dogs – although the record isn’t officially recognised because the Guinness Book of Records doesn’t accept breed-specific record attempts. But the organisers of the event say it’s the largest-ever gathering of Border collies who weren’t being restrained by their owners.

In the event, $6,000 was raised for dog charities Scruffer Lovers, Guardian Angel and SA Dog Rescue.