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Coco the photobomber
2nd October 2018

By Lloyd Lugsden

A dog decided to gatecrash a photoshoot – and the curious pet, called Coco, unwittingly put her owner in the running for a top photography award.

University of Northampton photographic student Aurélie Walder was snapping images of a water-filled jug for a still-life assignment when her Chihuahua decided to get in on the act.

Giving into Coco’s urge to investigate, Aurélie popped the pup on the table and carried on shooting.

“She was so persistent that I gave in and thought, ‘I’ll do something with you’.” said Aurélie.

“She loves dog biscuits, so I thought I’d drop one in the water and see what happens – and I got the most amazing result with my very first shot. I expected Coco would close her eyes as she put her head in the water, but she kept them open, which really makes the shot something special. I also love the way the water and glass distorts her body. Coco’s something special, and I just love this photograph.”

The photo caught the attention of the university’s head of photography, Richard Whitehead, who urged Aurélie to enter it into the Association of Photographers Student Awards. The judges were also taken by the photo, shortlisting it. Aurélie, originally from Switzerland, was due find out if she had won as we went to press.