News Clothing Retailer Enters Pet Market



Clothing retailer enters pet market
31st July 2020

By Justine Thompson

A US-based online retailer of women’s fashion, facemasks and personal protection is launching into the pet market with a World of Pets online store.

Bravada International has trademarked the title World of Pets Superstore and owns the website address

The company said it intended to maximise its competitive position into the pet marketplace by focusing on popular, high traffic categories for dogs and cats. The initial phase will focus on pet supplies such as cat and dog beds, chew toys, cat and dog harnesses, collars, tunnels, cat-scratchers and treats.

Danny Alex, CEO of Bravada, reported in Business Wire: “We have a specific plan to provide a hyper-focused product offering in the most popular categories for dogs and cats.

“Instead of trying to be all things to all people, the World of Pets Superstore will focus on the most popular categories for dogs and cats so that consumers identify these key product categories with We also intend on having a category specifically for people that will include dog and cat trinkets, apparel and accessories to show their love of their animals.”

Bravada International owns multiple online properties and a real-world warehouse headquartered in Los Angeles, USA.