News Close Encounter Of The Otter Kind Leaves Trail Of Destruction



Close encounter of the otter kind leaves trail of destruction
17th March 2022

By David Rees

An otter broke into the garden of a Lincolnshire couple and went on a killing spree.

Karl Wilson and Gina Crampton, from Newark, woke to discover fish remains in their back garden. A review of CCTV footage showed that an otter had arrived around midnight and spent about an hour teasing the fish before catching and eating them. The animal damaged the couple’s pond as well as eating two koi and three goldfish.

Karl told local newspaper the Newark Advertiser: “We looked out and there were two bits of dead fish on the netting.

“The boards we have on top of the pond were all moved to one side and as soon as I saw it I thought ‘something like an otter has done that’.”

Karl said: “What he did was quite upsetting. I think he ate two fish on the lawn and then caught another two. Then he goes back into the pond and starts playing with them. Although I like otters, I don’t like them in my garden destroying my pond.”