News Charity Reveals Top Pet Names



Charity reveals top pet names
4th September 2019

By Karen Pickwick
As the Office for National Statistics unveils last year’s most popular baby names, the RSPCA has listed the top names for the animals it took in last year. 
Some human trends are reflected in the top 10, with Harry, Charlie and George all making the list for male cat names. But the most popular baby names, Oliver and Olivia, haven’t made the charity’s top 10 list, which is headed up by Buster and Bella for dogs and – Harry and Poppy for cats. 
The top names for male dogs in 2018 were Buster, Max, Rocky, Bruno, Diesel, Jack, Milo, Alfie, Marley and Bobby and for bitches, Bella, Roxy, Bonnie, Molly, Ruby, Lola, Poppy, Coco, Daisy and Tia.
The male cats list is headed up by Harry, Charlie, George, Henry, Jasper, Tigger, Milo, Billy, Felix and Sooty and for females, Poppy, Molly, Daisy, Tilly, Bella, Luna, Willow, Mia, Missy and Lola.