Charity Celebrates 60 Years Helping Cats



Charity celebrates 60 years helping cats
12th February 2018

By Karen Pickwick
Joan Judd (left) who founded the charity, pictured with today’s chief executive, Claire Bessant
This year marks the 60th anniversary of International Cat Care, previously known as the Feline Advisory Bureau, or FAB, a charity working towards a vision that all cats, owned and unowned, are treated with care, compassion and understanding.
International Cat Care now is also known for its veterinary division, the International Society of Feline Medicine, its Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, its conferences in Europe and Asia, its Cat Friendly Clinic Programme and free nurse membership and Feline Focus magazine. It has veterinary and nurse members in 71 countries around the world and says is seeing a rapid growth in interest in feline medicine. 
FAB at first consisted only of one or two dedicated volunteers. They were faced with a list of unknowns about cat health that was infinitely long, and an empty money pot, making the task ahead of them dizzyingly vast. And yet they persevered (just how difficult it was is outlined in the longer version of the charity’s history on its website at Today, the charity’s name reflects its role in feline medicine and feline welfare all over the world, and consists of a professional staff of 22.
By providing advice and training on cat health and welfare to vets, nurses, breeders, cat professionals and owners, it is estimated that the charity touches the lives of more than 25 million cats worldwide annually.
Now, the charity wants to turn additional efforts towards unowned cats, the welfare of which has not really changed a great deal in those 60 years.
The first project is the charity’s new International Declaration of Responsibilities to Cats. This document defines best practice for governments, local authorities, vets, charities, breeders, cat owners and other individuals working with cats, emphasising the need for all these groups to work together to improve the welfare of cats. The charity is asking for supporters to sign it online. For more information, see
This month (February), the charity will be launching its new Cat Cocktail Party Packs – free packs designed to help cat lovers throw a fun cat-themed cocktail party to raise vital funds for the charity’s 60 th projects.