Ceva Runs National Tv Campaign



Ceva runs national TV campaign
8th June 2018

By Karen Pickwick

Ceva Animal Health has launched a national summer TV advertising campaign to raise awareness of its veterinary behaviour products, Feliway Friends and Adaptil Calm On-the-Go Collar.

It’s the first time that Ceva has invested in a TV advertising campaign focusing on Feliway Friends, which is designed to help cats live together in harmony and prevent the signs of conflict such fighting, chasing and blocking. The new ad highlights the real-life story of two cats, Zera and Dewey.

The ‘Friends’ ad will interchange with the Adaptil Calm On-the-Go Collar advertisement, which features Ever the Australian Shepherd and highlights the collar’s benefits, which are particularly relevant during the summer while owners are out and about with their dogs more. It is forumlated to help dogs stay calm and adapt, even outdoors, to situations including loud noises, training and boarding in kennels.
Both advertisements are 30 seconds long and the campaign runs until the end of June, targeting 24.5 million pet owners and airing on all Channel 4 and Channel 4 partner channels, including Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, Drama, Good Food, Really, W and Home.

“Our summer TV advertising campaign will raise awareness of how Feliway Friends and Adaptil Calm On-the-Go Collar can help pets with behavioural issues and drive customers to retailers for further information and to purchase product,” said Abigail King, product manager for the two brands at Ceva Animal Health.